What do you know about Fin-Tek Corporation, a vendor of ozonation systems?

Fin-Tek Corporation, 6 Leo Place, Wayne, NJ 07470 P: 973-628-2988

Timeline: Fin-Tek Corporation

August 28, 2012. RESOLUTION TO FIN-TEK OZONE FOR OZONE SYSTEM MAINTENANCE. City of Flint, Emergency Financial Manager Edward J. Kurtz. "The City of Flint Utilities Department feels that Fin-Tek Ozone will provide the necessary extensive repairs in keeping the ozone plant in good condition as they have done in the past."

April 3, 2012. RESOLUTION TO FINTEK CORP. FOR OZONE SYSTEM MAINTENANCE SERVICES, City of Flint, Emergency Manager Michael K. Brown. "The Ozone Generating Plant is the Water Plant’s main disinfectant for river water. The Water Plant has had multiple problems with operating the ozone plant. Fin-Tek Ozone was hired for maintenance and repair work. They have a long history of doing this type of work and have an outstanding reputation."