The Flushing City Cemetery is a cemetery that serves both the Flushing City and Flushing Township community. It was incorporated in 1847. It was originally governed by a cemetery association. It now falls under the jurisdiction of the Flushing Department of Public Works.

The cemetery is divided into two parts. The "old" part south of Coutant Street. This section contains a veterans' memorial, a statue of a Civil War era soldier. On the west side of this part of the cemetery, close to Coutant Street near the center path, you can find some of the oldest gravestones, including that of James Seymour, one of the founders of the village of Flushing, which later became the city of Flushing. On the other side of Coutant Street, there is a relatively newer portion of the cemetery.

On July 25, 2022, a history professor from the University of Michigan-Flint, Thomas Henthorn, helped to instruct city officials on proper cemetery preservation techniques and tools. The city of Flushing then held three workshops, teaching volunteers proper methods for preserving historic graves.

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