Plenty! is a grassroots organization that uses community values and agriculture to feed hungry people and foster community. This organization is unique because it combines the principles of a food bank with the practice of farming to bring fresh food to the food bank and to people in need. 

Type of Organization Non-Profit 
Primary Contact(s) Karen Day and McCabe Coolidge
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or email: [email protected]

Mission: Plenty! nourishes community and feeds hungry neighbors by growing and sharing food in Floyd County Virginia 

Issues of focus: 

  • Community food security 
  • Development of life skills for adults and youth alike
  • Youth development
  • Supplying fresh and healthy food to those in need
  • Building Community

Programs: Our programs provide access to fresh, healthy food and teach growing and cooking skills in the Plenty! Fresh Food Bank, Farm and Gardens, Schools and Gatherings. 

  • Plenty! Food Bank: The food bank is run by volunteers, and is stocked with fresh produce to help feed hungry neighbors in Floyd
  • Plenty! Farm: used as the source for the Plenty! Food Bank as well as for their Portable Produce option, Plenty! runs an 18 acre farm along the Little River. The food is produced using organic methods and sustainable agricultural practices. The food is also used in the preparation of community lunches in the summer.
  • Plenty! Portable Produce: During the growing season volunteers bag and distribute fresh produce to individuals and families who cannot make it all the way to the food bank, so instead they are able to have fresh produce delivered to their door.
  • School Gardens and Classes: Plenty! partners with local elementary schools to teach students about gardening, agriculture, and healthy eating. The children plant, tend to, and eat the produce that they grow. They not only learn about how to grow their own food but they learn how to create healthy meals for themselves and their families. Some of the produce is harvested in the summer for the Food Bank visitors. 
  • Preschool Produce: This program sends fresh, local produce home with preschoolers in Floyd County. This is part of the effort to support families and create a resilient community that is food secure. 
  • Healthy Snacks: Provides students with healthy snacks for school if they are not able to bring them from home. 
  • Sunbonnets: This program takes seniors shopping at the Floyd Public Market on Saturdays in the summer. 










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