Settlements in Virginia

Within the State of Virginia, settlements1 are organized and recognized as County, City, Town, and Unincorporated Community. Some of these entities are labeled by the Census Bureau as a Census Designated Place (CDP).

Directly under the state, are the County and the Independent City which are treated equally by the state.

Within a County are incorporated Towns and Unincorporated Communities.


The State of Virginia has 85 counties - see List_of_counties_in_Virginia. Each county has a designated County Seat which may be located somewhere other than the county. For example, the county seat might be located in an adjacent City.

Our wiki may contain information on all or parts of:


The state also incorporates independent cities, which exist outside of a county and are treated equally with counties. The State of Virginia has 39 cities - see List_of_cities_in_Virginia

Our wiki provides information on the City of Fredericksburg and may have mentions to the City of Manassas to the north and the City of Richmond to the south.

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The state allows for a Town, within a County, to incorporate and act as a legal entity, see List_of_towns_in_Virginia

On our wiki we name these places as Town of ... to recognize their legal status.

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Unincorporated Community

Within a county may be unincorporated communities, some of which are considered as a CDP - see List_of_unincorporated_communities_in_Virginia.

On our wiki we name these places with their name followed by ", VA" to distinguish them from legal Towns

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1. an historic term for county, municipalities, communities etc