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Free Office Finder was set up in 2002 by Nick Riesel to help organisations find office space to rent. Nick discovered a lot of organisations were tired of simply being introduced to landlords and then being left to it, so the company was set up in order to provide a niche in depth consultancy to locate, advise and help negotiate terms for those seeking office space. Office providers marketing Serviced, Managed and Leasehold offices were persuaded to fund Free Office Finder in order to allow the service to be offered free of charge.

Free Office Finder Ltd provides organisations with a free search facility to help them locate office space in London and the UK. We represent a wide network of office space providers and the unique way in which we are funded by the providers and independently operated ensures that the service we deliver is completely impartial and driven by the needs of our clients.

Official Website: http://www.freeofficefinder.com/

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