Brian Helmerson

Brian Helmerson is a former captain in the Gainesville Police Department who retired in December 2015 after an internal investigation regarding harassment of female officers.

Timeline: Brian Helmerson

May 17, 2015. Police union, officers fret over lack of rules at Dignity Village.  Gainesville Sun. "GPD Capt. Brian Helmerson told The Sun that most situations at Dignity Village require two officers to be sent for safety purposes."

December 9, 2015. GPD's Helmerson retires after sexual harassment investigation.  Gainesville Sun. "A summary of the report was released Wednesday. It was done by recently retired Alachua Police Chief Joel DeCoursey Jr., who was asked to investigate the matter by GPD Chief Tony Jones to help ensure an impartial review. Complete transcripts of witness testimony were not available Wednesday."

Sexual Harassment by Brian Helmerson

The investigation by Chief DeCoursey, Jr. into the harassment of women by Capt. Helmerson found that Helmerson's actions included:

  • Crude jokes about the appearance of employees
  • unequal treatment of women
  •  demeaning behavior toward officers
On multiple occasions, Helmerson grabbed her cellphone to scroll through pictures. One time, when she asked him to give it back, "he put the phone between his legs in his crotch area, and told her, 'If you want it, come get it,'" the report states.