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116 Union Avenue SE is located in Heritage Hill. It was built in 1897. It's architectural significance is WORTHY OF MENTION. Past owners include Hooker, Dr. C.E.,Fairman, Carrie F., Charles E. Hooker, Walter C. Good.


2002 Tour


2002 Home Tour write-up: This Georgian Revival was built around 1897 on land originally owned by the family of Jeremiah Lewis who lived in the home of the corner of Kellogg and Union. The couple, now Mr. And Mrs. Eugene Kendall, and daughter Edith, lived in the house until about 1910. Over time thehome was divided into several apartments, all quite small. After extensive remodeling, interesting discoveries, and a great deal of work, you can now get a sense of this home's former beauty.

Geographic coordinates are 42.96044°N, 85.654299°WLatitude: 42°57′37.584″N
Longitude: 85°39′15.476″W

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