Built in 1910, the Lennox Building at 347 South Division was developed for mixed use, with apartments on the upper floors and retail on the main floor. Long-time tenant Wepman’s Cut–rate Clothing and Pawnshop (1935-1997) carried such as strong identity that the building became locally known as the Wepman Building. Three Restaurants shared the building with Wepman’s over the years; Chris’ Hamburg Shop, Bentley’s, and the Tea Garden Café. It was rehabbed in 1998 for mixed use.


[[address:=347 South Division]] is located in the Heartside-Downtown neighborhood. Geographic coordinates are 42.95804° N, 85.667717° WLatitude: 42°57′28.944″N
Longitude: 85°40′3.781″W


Portions of this post were originally written by Heather Ibrahim for the Heartside Mainstreet Program, reproduced with permission.