360 Plymouth Ave SE is the approximate address of the original site of the Kent Country Club.

Kent Country Club is the oldest golf club in Michigan. It was built in 1901, after Edward Lowe was inspired by a 1896 trip to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in Scotland. He envisioned a place where GR's affluent could go to enjoy nature. As the "Country Club," a group began leasing property at Fisk Lake on the corner of Plymouth and Wealthy. The property was stocked with wildlife such as deer to provide for a natural atmosphere. Members – both men and women – were elected annually, paying $5 and $2.50 per year respectively. (For comparison’s sake, $2.50 was the daily wage of a furniture factory worker at the time.)

The Club later moved to the Creston Neighborhood.

source: Kent Country Club : The First One Hundred Years by Richard H. Harms a copy of the book is available in the History and Special Collections section, not for checkout. It provides an in-depth history written by and for the people of the club.[[coordinates:=42.956005°N,85.624888°W,site of First Kent Country Club]]