The two-story, 4-bedroom house at 945 Thomas Street SE was built in 1910. It features a concrete front porch and two driveways. The foundation of the original carriage house still remains at the back of the property. It is located in the Baxter Neighborhood at 42.950203° N, 85.64508° WLatitude: 42°57′0.731″N
Longitude: 85°38′42.288″W


Its present owners occasionally host house concerts (house shows) in the living and dining rooms, and in the summer, a show will occasionally be staged in the spacious backyard. Initially, the house venue was given the nickname "Fort Forthright" by David Sampson, a tenant and musician, but the name did not stick. The hosts seek to make both artists and audiences as comfortable as possible, and often supplement the live entertainment with a little beverage. Attendance for a house show at this snug venue has peaked at about forty-five individuals at an outdoor backyard concert.

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