The Avenue for the Arts is a neighborhood title for the South Division commercial corridor located in the Heartside neighborhood (between Fulton Street and Wealthy Street). It includes residential, commercial, nonprofit groups working together in a creative community.

In 2004 the Avenue for the Arts was awarded a Cool Cities Designation by the State of Michigan.

There are 43 businesses on the Avenue, 24 of which are locally owned businesses and 17 of which are arts related. The galleries lining the Avenue for the Arts feature local and nationally recognized artists. Shopping on the Avenue for the Arts is fun and eclectic featuring clothing, shoes, music as well as several service businesses.

Residential living along the Avenue for the Arts is just as diverse, including affordable housing options and market rate units. Unique to the Avenue are the Martineau and Kelsey Apartments, live/work apartments “created with the artists in mind.” These 36 affordable rate apartments are home to over 50 creative residents who open up their homes for events showcasing their unique talents.

Avenue for the Arts Market