This is an easy ride of approximately 4.5 miles around Reeds Lake. The roads are well-paved and there are separate bike paths on the north side of the lake. It is comprised of about 3/5ths residential (suburban) and 2/5 woods and wetlands. There are few views of the lake during the ride, but some roads that cut closer to the lake allow views. There are some low grade hills that make for a varied ride.

The natural start/stop spot seems to be John A. Collins Park on the west side of the lake. This is the side that connects to the downtown area of East Grand Rapids. The park is framed by Rose's Restaurant to the north and the Grand Rapids Yacht Club and the East Grand Rapids Library to the South. The park is the former site of Ramona Park.

Starting at the park and heading north routes through a bike path through Waterfront Park, Remington Park, and Hodenpyl Woods. After passing through some residential streets a nice hill outlets onto a long smooth road through some wetlands. Then it runs along the East Beltline and then back to wetlands at the far east side of the lake. After circling the end of the lake the path turns left onto Hall Street for a steep medium-length hill. It's a bit of a climb. After that more residential area and then back to the center of East Grand Rapids with several schools. The area is busy, but the traffic is manageable on bike. Collins Park is a good final stopping place. Wealthy Street has many stores and restaurants for a snack or rest after the ride.