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Cabin-Time Art Camp is a roaming creative residency to remote places.  Cabin-Time invites artists, designers, photographers, writers, musicians, craftspeople, scientists, cartographers, bird-watchers, wood-workers, planners, organizers, schemers and dreamers to join in cooperative intentional isolation, to make site-specific work based on location and theme. Conscientious environmental stewardship is a core principle of Cabin-Time, through making work and maintaining camp. Following each week-long residency is an exhibition, where work made during and following the residency is shown and documented. A trip specific Field Guide is published, compiling and archiving the work made during each expedition.

The experience at Cabin-Time is a cooperative environment.  Creatives are expected to find transportation to Grand Rapids, Michigan. The residency fee covers transportation from Grand Rapids to the site, co-op vegetarian meals, cabin rental costs (when necessary), and on-site supply needs. We work as a community to set up camp, share chores, cook group meals, and help each other with our ideas. The exact number of creatives invited to each roaming residency varies by location and degree of isolation. Each residency is a separate, international call, and is open to anyone.  

Cabin-Time hosts residencies bi-annually, one in the winter, one in the summer.

Past Cabin-Time residencies:


Cabin-Time: Porkies

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Ontonagon, Michigan.

January 8-11, 2012


Christina Mrozik

Pat Perry

Sam Snedeker

Drew Melton

Colin McCarthy

Ryan Greaves

Geoffrey Holstad



Cabin-Time: Bogus Lake

Grand Marais, Minnesota

May 17-21, 2012


Greg Hennes

Rand Renfrow

Laura Newlon

Adam Foster

Dylan Gunnett

Derek Street

Jason Rood

Mary Rothlisberger

Lauren McCleary

Lucy Engelman

Rebecca Green

Brandon Satterlee

Jess Bruggink

Ross Bruggink

Carson Brown

Colin McCarthy

Ryan Greaves

Geoffrey Holstad



Cabin-Time: Rabbit Island

Keweenaw Peninsula, Lake Superior, Michigan

August 23-27, 2012


Isabella Martin

Miles Mattison

Sarah Darnell

Mary Rothlisberger

Ryan Greaves

Colin McCarthy

Geoffrey Holstad

Cabin-Time was founded in December 2011 by Geoffrey Holstad. Cabin-Time is currently facilitated and maintained by a crew of four people:

Founder/Director: Geoffrey Holstad (Grand Rapids, MI)

Logistician: Ryan Greaves (Grand Rapids, MI)

Media Director: Colin McCarthy (Grand Rapids, MI)

Conversationalist/Relationalist: Mary Rothlisberger (Palouse, WA)