The site is a 1,500m2 rectangular piece of land adjacent to the Carrier Crest Apartment's asphalt parking lot that is owned by St. Alphonsus Church. More specifically the Carrier Street Garden site is located on Carrier Street behind the Carrier Crest Apartments, which is also home to the Creston Neighborhood Association. This site is owned by Creston Ltd. Dividend Housing Association Ltd. Partnership and has been graciously lent out for the purpose of creating a community garden.

In the past the Carrier Crest Apartment building was a Convent owned by St. Alphonsus Church and the land behind this building was a familiar space to kids in the community as this was a playground for the St. Alphonsus school. At the end of the 2008-2009 school year the school closed its doors. The former playground remained vacant until only recently when a group of community partners came together and agreed that this unused land would be an excellent fit for a community garden and gathering space.

The Carrier Street Garden site is ideal for gardening, boasts great vertical gardening potential, enjoys full sun and is fully wheelchair accessible. The space also provides plenty of gardening space for communal and individual plots.

-23 individual plots
-8 raised garden beds for people with disabilities, and for those who are in wheelchairs