Chad Vickery, born in Niles and raised in Grand Rapids, is a filmmaker, musician, and artist. He is known for his participation in many local film, music, and media endeavors.

As a founding board member of the DAAC, he worked to establish and grow the organization. He promoted a wide variety of music shows at the space and assisted in numerous others. He co-founded The Hovercraft Collective, lived at the Aardvark until the house fire of 2007

He has produced many short films and several feature-length film projects. Notably, NEWWORDS is a collection of 26 short films created around neologisms.

He played guitar and sings with Ribbons of Song, the pop-folk group of Ben Scott-Brandt, and played in Ben and Bruno.

Vickery briefly trolled the G-Rad forum as the snakeplane.