The DAAC is temporarily running all ages shows at Habitat for Humanity's property at 333 Rumsey St SW until the first week of July. We are looking for new options.

Properties should ideally have the following:

  • Be on a bus route or very close to one
  • Walkable to other shops, restaurants, locally owned businesses
  • Rent + utilities around $1,200 per month total
  • Parking nearby
  • Nice landlord & neighbors
  • At least 100 person capacity
  • Accessible to all people & bathroom(s) on main floor 
  • No apartments above, or if so, they are ok with music until 10-11pm
  • Could partner with already existing business not using their space at night


  • Alpine & 9th [map]
    Volunteers to contact them: Mike & Sam
    Craigslist listing - $750/mo
    Details: Same building as Glitter Milk Gallery, 1,100 SF, not sure if the upstairs is included
  • NICE Gallery -1111 Godfrey [map]
    Volunteers to contact them: Miles
    Details: wanted to see if they'd be open to collaborating on shows and events
  • Neighbor Gallery /Craft House - 42 Division S [map]
    Volunteers to contact them:
    Details: wanted to see if they'd be open to collaborating on shows and events
  • Death house [map]
    Volunteers to contact them: Charity
    Details: Hear they are moving out of the space soon.
  • The Moon 
    Volunteers to contact them: Kait
    Details: raising money right now for things including sound and lighting equipment - could collaborate 
  • Sparrows
    Volunteers to contact them: Charity
    Details: heard they are possibly opening a new location - thought we could present the idea of doing shows every now & then there.
  • 71 Division Ave S [map]
    Details: Space between Mos Eisley's and Rumors (owner unknown). Space is vacant. Google Streetview suggests it used to be part of Mos Eisley's.