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Known as the Grand Rapids Project "X", this monumental sculpture of earth, asphalt and natural grasses, made in 1974, is the first permanent large-scale outdoor work in the world by artist Robert Morris. It is also the first major art earthwork to be supported by government funds, including from the National Endowment for the Arts and was commissioned as part of "Sculpture off the Pedestal", a public/private partnership supporting major public art works throughout Grand Rapids.

The Earthwork project was made after a natural hill slope was removed to provide fill-dirt for the highways. The project serves to stabilize the steep hillside from eroding and provides a functional path connecting the expansive hilltop views and the baseball fields, Griff's Ice House/Belknap Arena and tennis courts below. The "X" is located in Lookout Park in the Belknap Lookout Neighborhood and is visible from many points north of downtown. It was the site of the 1st ever Big X Sculpture Derby, organized and performed by the Calvin College sculpture department in 2005.

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Geographic coordinates are 42.979519° N, 85.666516° WLatitude: 42°58′46.268″N
Longitude: 85°39′59.458″W
.Belknap Lookout