Eno Diamond and the End Times Orchestra is, most importantly, NOT a blues band.

Led by the mysterious Eno Diamond, the End Times Orchestra is a strange mixture of multi-instrumentalists, ranging from furious improvers to prim and classically trained musicians. The ETO was originally formed in 2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a name for Eno Diamond's various recording projects (its only show was at the Clown Lounge in St Paul opening up for the group Happy Apple) and contributions to the free jazz and improvisational scene. Upon returning to grand rapids the project was restarted as a house band for Dr. Toledo's Amazing Magical Elixer Medicine Show. Eno attempted to rename the project 'The New Fart Ensemble' but due to much protest from the then members, of which Eno is the only remaining one, End Times Orchestra stuck.

The Current ETO has no specific genre, their stylings ranging from folk, to rock, to jazz, to dixie, to klezmer, to experimentalist, to the static mutterings of subterranean beasts.

In bars, ETO is a tight, seven-member group playing original tunes composed by Eno Diamond as well as covers, most of them ranging from the 1900-1950s era. As the house band for the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Show, ETO expands into it's full orchestra, often featuring up to 15 members, playing everything from Tchaikovsky to Alice Cooper. ETO is also a fully functioning marching band, often seen parading around the Avenue of the Arts or the annals of The BOB.


  • Eno Diamond/Corey Ruffin - Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone, Clarinet, Composition, Circular Breathing
  • Jason Lester - Trombone, Conch Shell
  • Chris Lawrence - Trumpet
  • Dave Tamburello - Tenor Saxophone
  • Mike Dodge - Guitar, Vocals
  • Juliet Bennett-Rylah - Keyboard, Synth, Flute, Piccolo, Vocals
  • Nancy Rogers - Drums
  • Sam Snedeker - Upright Bass

Extended orchestra

  • Karen Dunam - Baritone Euphonium
  • Jim Miller - Trombone
  • Tim Hoeker - Tuba
  • Molly Knight - Flute
  • Angela Davison - Bassoon
  • Doug Bowman - Cello
  • Elizabeth Knoll - Violin
  • Josh Dunigan - Percussion, Sound Engineer

Former Members

  • Billy Chirco: Trumpet
  • Greg Lester: Trumpet
  • Hugo Claudin: Drums
  • Jordan Adema: Violin
  • Matt Clifford: Upright Bass
  • Michael Patterson: Upright Bass, Banjo
  • Jason Cunningham: Electric Bass
  • Mikel Moore: Tuba
  • Johnny Unicorn - Accordion, Keys, Guitar, Vocals, Saxophone
  • Benje Danneman - Trumpet

The Cynics' Opera

The original works performed by The End Times Orchestra are all part of an unfinished song cycle dubbed 'The Cynics Opera', a tale of a jaded guy angry at a girl for dumping him and using the fact that they are living in the middle of the apocalypse as an excuse for ending the relationship. The most epic work of The Cynics Opera thus far is the 15 minute saga 'Trapped in the Cabin', being a tale of the lovers in sweeter times and taking a summer retreat with their friend Tim in the forests of the U.P. only to draw the jealousy of an irate midwestern wizard who casts the world into a second ice age in an attempt to woo the girl from the protagonist. The couple and the third wheel, Tim, are trapped and starving and the couple, deciding they love each other too much, realize that they must kill and eat Tim if they are to survive. Upon eating Tim and his brains, as it is natural to do so after eating human brains, the couple begin to take on the memories and personality of Tim and become an amorphic amalgamation of the three selves. They peer into the unknown realms of consciousness and begin to exist out of time, which enables them to live through the long winter. When they finally emerge from their stupor the world is fine again and they head back home only to realize that this was but the start of their greatest adventure, which is continued in the song 'Secrets' and details the beginning of the eventual end of their relationship and the world itself.

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