Etage Bleu was a music venue and art space opened in 2007 by Greg Bliss in the Tanglefoot Building. The 5000 sq. ft. warehouse space was opened with the intention of completely immersing an artist in their art, whether it be visual, musical, or theatrical. The grand opening, on June 16, 2007, included art, a DJ, movies projected onto walls, and music from Pistolbrides, Lazy Genius, Jes Kramer, Son and Heir, Loren Murrell, GrrRopolis, Wicker Basket, and Jake Stilson and the Mi Mi Mi's. Etage Bleu hosted numerous events over the following year.

After several fire code violations at the Tanglefoot Building, Etage Bleu relocated to 1236 Ball Ave. NE, and eventually  closed for good. 


Geographic coordinates are 42.957106° N, 85.686686° WLatitude: 42°57′25.582″N
Longitude: 85°41′12.07″W