In 1935...

The dress shop was owned by two women, Mrs. Dewey Parrish and Mrs. Frances Millard

Mrs. Millard was married to Archie B Millard. Archie worked at 812 Grand Rapids Trust Building in Insurance. The couple lived together at 408 Prospect Av SE. Living very close to the Dress Shop.

Mrs. Parrish widowed from Harry B. She was a homeowner living on 356 Atlas Av SE.

In 1946...

The dress shop is no longer listed. Archie is now employed at 71 Monroe in an Insurance Agency. Archies residency is listed at 305 Wealthy Street but they own the old Dress Shop together. Frances is a machine operator and it lists that she is a homeowner at 217 Carrier.

Mrs. Parish is no longer listed in the directory.