Good moring rEvolution is a progressive and evolving group founded in Grand Rapids late 2008, with an emphasis on community empowerment, in response to the huge reaction to the Really Really Free Markets in Grand Rapids. The people that have been organzing the free markets want to create other types of events with the same ideas as the really really free market to encourage social change, mutual aid, and community building. Thus came Good Morning rEvolution. We are open to have anyone involved in any part of the group... from helping out at free markets, teaching skills, hosting workshops, organizing your own Really really free market (anyone is welcomed to), or if you have a new idea we want to help you make it happen! Times are tough and we all need each other more and more every day.

Created by people in the interest of people to build the infrastructure for a more sustainable community from the bottom up

for more information search good morning revolution on facebook or myspace

or email [email protected]