Hardcore is a 1979 film written and directed by Paul Schrader. It is was partially shot in Grand Rapids, and is often regarded to be a condemnation of the perceived quaintness of the town.


When his daughter, Kristen, runs away from a CRC camp in California and is found to be acting in porn films, Jake Van Dorn (George C. Scott) begins a quest to bring her home.


  • Peter Boyle
  • Ilah Davis
  • Season Hubley
  • Dick Sargent


The Grand Rapids portions of this film include numerous references to local institutions (including Grand Valley, which at this time was a college). It also features much of the West Side and Monroe Center on screen. One shot in particular highlights the marble columns of the Select Bank Building at Monroe Center and Ionia.

Though Hardcore stars one of the two "Dicks" from TV's Bewitched, it is not Dick York, who is originally from Rockford.