Hatchet is the handle of Old School Squad member Jaymes, who rides a Yamaha XJ 650 Maxim motorcyle.

Born: February 24, 1981


Hatchet became a member of OSS in 2003 when he bought his XJ 650 (aka "A Million Miles" Bike) from Tubbs at the Justa Hobby motorcyle shop on Coit St.

It is not known exactly how the handle "Hatchet" came to be. It may have something to do with the term "hatchet wound," referring to a female body part.

Crossed hatchets once adorned the forks of the XJ 650, until 2005, when Hatchet started working with minors at schools.


  • August 2007
    • Destination: Tunnel of Trees – Harbor Springs, MI. / Mackinac Bridge – St. Ignace, MI.
    • Overnight Accommodations: Ford Lake – Fountain, MI. / Random Lake Michigan Beach – St. Ignace, MI.
    • Riders: Cap'n Weasel, Missster Sssnake, Doctor, Toes, Hatchet, Lloyd


  1. On May 5, 2008, Hatchet was involved in a motorcycle accident heading eastbound on Fulton Street by the GVSU Eberhard Center. Approaching the Admiral Station on Fulton Street in Downtown Grand Rapids, a small green car turned left facing westbound and turned directly into the path of Hatchet, catupulting him 15 feet in the air, over the car, and onto the street. Bruised shins and a trashed bike were the only injuries.

Other Aliases

  • SciFi Guy. In 2008, Hatchet received the dubious nickname "SciFi Guy," from an unknown chotch at a bonfire, for his well-known enthusiasm for science fiction movies and television. Attempts to convert the nickname simply to "SciFi" have failed.