Hugo Claudín is a Mexican-American painter of contemporary figuration. He was born in Guadalajara Mexico in 1966. As a teenager he migrated to the United States where he studied art at Kendall College of Art & Design. In addition to being a painter, he is a drummer/percussionist and co-founder of the latin band Cabildo. He collaborates extensively with local artists and musicans. Included are works from this current series of paintings titled Mexicains Sans Frontieres which is also the name of his studio at 120 South Division or Avenue of the Arts. Mexicains Sans Frontieres (Mexicanos sin Fronteras or Mexicans without Borders) "deals with my binational status and the secret lives of undocumented immigrants from Mexico. and the difficulty of crossing borders, -cultural and geo-political, as well as language barriers. Hugo uses the Mexican wrestler mask as a metaphor for the unseen communities of undocumented people living in the US that go uncounted and misrepresnted in the media. He gives them a dignity and cultural richness that is often overlooked. He uses bright colors he experienced on sabbatical in the artist community of Todos Santos in Baja California Sur that he visited in 2004.