Hunter Rose was an emo/punk rock band that played in and around Grand Rapids during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Originally the group was essentially a restructuring of the old pop-punk band Just For Kicks, with all of the same members plus the addition of Yann Kerevel from With Arms Still Empty and Kill You For A Dollar Records.


  • Jeff Nanzer - Bass / Vocals
  • Tony Carlson - Guitar / Vocals
  • Yann Kerevel - Guitar
  • Derek Lancioni - Drums


Hunter Rose released two EPs, and a split 7" with Billy, on Grand Rapids' Kill You For A Dollar Records.

The first EP was released in 1999 and was self-titled.

Song List:

  • "Candy Hearts"
  • "Hourglass"
  • "Understand"
  • "Sometime Late Last Year"
  • "The Canadian Cartoons"

The second EP was released in 2001 and was simply titled EP-02.

Song List:

  • Summer Away
  • Seraphim
  • Through the Lens
  • In Fearing Veracity


Hunter Rose toured outside of Grand Rapids five times, including with bands John Brown Battery (Chicago, IL) and Since By Man (Madison, WI).


After breaking up, Jeff reformed Hunter Rose in Lansing, MI in 2003. He was the only remaining member. There are no current plans to reunite the original lineup.

Where are they now?

Jeff Nanzer, wife Jen, and son Henry Vincent, live in Austin, TX. Jeff has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is a member of a 4-piece known as Cassette [1], who released an EP in September of 2006.

Tony Carlson lives in Grand Rapids, on the Northwest side. He runs a CNC Lathe at Borgia Die & Engineering in Marne, MI. He has fully embraced the 9-5 blue collar lifestyle by watching and enjoying NASCAR - GO KAHNE!!

Derek Lancioni and wife Becky live in Grand Rapids, on the Northeast Side. He is a Promotions Coordinator for ShowSpan, Inc., a Grand Rapids based consumer show company. He is also member of Winnie Cooper with Becky, and Charles the Osprey. He also spent a brief stint as a fill-in drummer for the Law

Yann Kerevel and wife Mary Jo live in Albuquerque, NM. He holds an MA in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico, and is in the graduate program at UNM in the Political Science Department. No word on if he is still playing.

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