Joseph McIntosh, better known by his stage name Joe the Cabdriver, looms over the city of Grand Rapids as the authority on self-deprecation and sexual gluttony. Known for his Bukowski-esque poems on sleeping with hookers, visiting the gloryholes of the famed Cini-Minis and his troubled family life, Joe arrived on the scene of the local open mic (historically hosted at the Morningstar75 Coffeehouse) like a beached whale, yearning to be heard. The hipsters flocked 'round him and demanded he blow their minds with his tales of debauchery. The Oscar Wilde of the early aught-aught generation, if Oscar Wilde wore NASCAR t-shirts instead of tailored suits, this provacateur delighted dozens by the daily. He kept a very vivid and lurid account of all of this in his livejournal.

In 2007, Joe hung up the keys to his cab, but his moniker still remained. You can see Joe now performing in the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Show, or perusing the used metal section at Vertigo.

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