K is graffiti found in the doorway behind the kitchen of Olive Express on Monroe Center. It is an excerpt from the book, The Brothers K, by David James Duncan.


a definition

K verb, k'ed, k'ing 1 Baseball: to strike out. 2 To fail, to flunk, to fuck up, to fizzle, or 3 to fall short, to fall apart, call flat, fall by the wayside, or on deaf ears, or hard times, or in to disrepute, or disrepair. or 4 to come unglued, come to grief, come to blows, come to nothing, or 5go to the dogs, go through the roof, go home in a casket, go to hell in a hand basket, or 6 to blow your cover, blow your chances, blow your cool, blow your stuck, shoot your wad, bitch the deal, buy the the farm, bite the dust, only 7 to recollect to an oddball notion you first as a aimless(?) and un-K'ed child but found so nonsensically paradoxical that you had to ignore it or defy it or betray it for decades before you could begin to believe that it might possibly be true, which is that 8. to lose your money, your virginity, your teeth, health or hair, 9. to lose your home, your innocence, your balance, your friends. 10. to lose your happiness, your hopes, your leisure, your looks, and yeah, even your memories. your vision, your mind, your way, 11. in short (and as Jesus K.rist so uncompromisingly put it) to lose your very self, 12. for the sake of another, is 13. sweet irony, the only way you're ever going to save it.