Man At Arms is a two-piece noisy rock band. Originally a three-piece, the band currently consists of Eric Gallipo on guitar and Ted Prassinos on drums. They released an EP on Friction Records in 2005, and have appeared on various splits and compilations released by both Friction and Joyful Noise Recordings.

Gallipo now lives in Ann Arbor, MI and Prassinos has moved to Cleveland, OH.


  • A Killing Blow (Self-Released)
  • Man At Arms/Spit For Athena/Corcovado/The Sea The Sea - The Lake Effect: A Four Way Split (Friction Records)
  • Being and Commerce (Friction Records)
  • Ari Ari/Man At Arms - EPs Split (12") (Friction Records)
  • The Foreseeable Future (CDR) (Friction Records)
  • Man At Arms/Abner Trio Split CD (Joyful Noise Recordings)

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