Media Mouse is a Grand Rapids independent media group founded in 1999 [1]. Since 2004, the group's primary focus has been in providing regular news coverage of "progressive" movements for social change in Grand Rapids [1] that are posted online via its website, Media Mouse describes its goals in its mission statement [1]:

"Media Mouse is an independent media collective that works to provide independent news pertaining to Grand Rapids and the world. Wherever possible, Media Mouse aims to draw links between national and local issues and between movements for social change. In turn, it is hoped that this news will be a catalyst for action and will help spur organizing for social change."

In 2007, Media Mouse began hosting and collaborating with the Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy (GRIID) which was previously a part of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center [1].


In addition its news coverage, Media Mouse offers a variety of resources including databases and special subject areas:

The Bloom Collective

In June of 2007, Media Mouse became involved in the Bloom Collective, an infoshop located at 1134 Wealthy St SE in Grand Rapids, Michigan [1].

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