Midtown is a residential neighborhood located in central Grand Rapids. Businesses in the area include Martha's Vineyard, the Fulton Street Farmer's Market, and Yoga on the Hill. Midtown is also home to the G-RAD NEST.


The Neighborhood Association of Midtown has divided itself into “sub-neighborhoods” based on historical areas. While unnoticed by passersby, the sub-neighborhoods break down the neighborhood into smaller units that potentially offer the Midtown resident a heightened sense of place and locational identity. This gives Midtown a smaller, “homier” charm that several other neighborhoods lack while encouraging the perceived notion of tight-knit community within the context of the larger city. A resident of Innes St., for example, might self-identify as living on Innes St. in Ashby Row, in Midtown. The sub-neighborhoods include, Ashby Row, Coldbrook Creek, Cegielnia Crossing, The Woods, Old East End, North of Market, and Brikyaat.

Red - Coldbrook Creek
Blue - Ashby Row
Green - Old East End
Purple - Cegielnia Crossing
Orange - North of Market
Yellow - Brikyaat
Pink - The Woods

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