Mixed Greens is a local non-profit started in 2003. Mixed Greens delivers lessons based on topics of garden maintenence, cooking, tasing new foods, food culture, vermicomposting, agriculture, etc. During the warmer months, they work in the on-site gardens at each school. During colder months, they focus on nutrition, food preparation, and fruit and vegetable knowledge. Most of the nine employees are AmericorpsVISTA* federally funded volunteers.

Mixed Greens will merge with Blandford Nature Center on July 1, 2007.

The main office is located at 1444 Lake Drive SE in Eastown, across Lake Drive from the Kava House. Although, all programs and gardens are on site at the location of the school or program.

MG partners as a vendor with various after-school and summer-school programming such as Loop, Team21, and Campfire to deliver programs to elementary aged students. Most programs are delivered to children in a public school setting, however some Mixed Greens programs are delivered through community centers or independent community groups.

East Leonard: MG delivers both after-school as well as summer-school programs. Martin Luther King Leadership Academy: MG delivers both after-school and summer-school programs here utilizing their new rooftop garden beds. Harrison Park: MG delivers after-school programs as well as daily fresh fruit and vegetable snacks for every student. Thursdays MG instructs a 15 minute Brain Break, a quick lesson on the fruit or vegetable snack for the day. North Park Montessori: MG delivers summer-school garden programs.

Wyoming Public Schools

Parkview, Taft, Rogers Lane: MG delivers after-school and summer school programs.

Unusual projects

Grandville Avenue Academy for the Arts: Although not a school, MG delivers lessons here during after-school times as well as during Summer months. Camp Blodgett: this is a new project for Mixed Greens with summer gardening programs.

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