Mulligan's Pub is an Eastown fixture and Grand Rapids's version of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Dark, smoky, and loud, Mulligan's is a bar-lover's bar. Easily the strongest drinks in town.


Mulligan's has been a part of the Eastown scene for years. It was the neighbor of the old location of The Intersection. This led to Mulligan's becoming an after-party favorite for many bands.

Ever since The Intersection moved from 1520 Wealthy se (next door) Mulligans had been planning on doing something with the stage area they inherited. On Halloween night 2008, Mulligans Pub introduced Mulligans Pub :Otherside: . A venue that is always 21+ and always free. We feature mostly punk, indie, rock and metal bands, but we will put on almost any kind of show. One simple rule: No covers.

There is also a bar inside the Otherside called the PBaR. The PBaR is a small cash only bar that serves primarily PBR and Jagermiester.

Mulligan Stew

Mulligan's signature shot is the Mulligan Stew: Jameson Irish Whisky and Bailey's Irish Cream with Bacardi 151 floated on top. The latter is often ignited, though many drunks prefer the "bang for your buck" the 151 provides.

Geographic coordinates are 42.955355° N, 85.63243° WLatitude: 42°57′19.278″N
Longitude: 85°37′56.748″W

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