NEST was a collaborative workspace for several members of the Grand Rapids, MI-based blogging community, G-RAD. On top of providing a positive environment for artists to work together, NEST serves as an unofficial Grand Rapids WELCOME and Cultural Center, an information hub, a G-RAD HQ, a bootleg movie theater, an occasional (quiet) show space, an art gallery, a lecture hall, a meeting room, a sewing cafe, a silk screen studio, a bicycle repair shop, and a dining hall. NEST is whatever we need it to be—which is apparently quite a lot. NEST closed in 2009.


Located at [[address:=613 Lyon]], NEST was once the home of Dynamite Family, Dynamite Gallery, as well as the studio of Conrad Bakker. A brief history of the space was transcribed in an article by Josh Ippel in the second issue of LAMB (Lyon Street Group Work). It became the NEST in 2006.


42.967337°N, 85.654177°WLatitude: 42°58′2.413″N
Longitude: 85°39′15.037″W

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