Nantucket Bakery

Nantucket Bakery is a small bakery owned by Martha's Vineyard. It is on the corner of Union St.

Nantucket Bakery was built around the career of breadmaker Oran Rankin, known for the westside bakery, Ed's Breads and his stint as a breadmaker at Wealthy Street Bakery. Here he met fellow breadmeister, A.J. Paschka. In the early Autumn of 2005, Oran started the A.M. Bread Schedule and Paschka created the P.M. pizza shifts. An early test of a foccacia dough varient lent itself to the delectable crust!

Hours and location

Nantucket is located at 208 Union NE in the Midtown neighborhood. It is open every day until 11:00pm.

Contact information

  • Phone number: (616) 726-6609

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Nantucket features gourmet pizza by the slice for $1.00 until close. There is usually both a vegetarian and meat-laden option.

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