Old School Squad (OSS) is a motorcycle club based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. All members of OSS are required to drive Asian motorcycles from the 1970’s and 1980’s. This stipulation has lead to many breakdowns on long trips as well as much knowledge in the field of motorcycle maintenance (and repair).

Member Riders

  • Cap'n Weasel
    • '76 Honda Goldwing 1000 (sans stupid ferring)
    • Color: Dark Red
  • Missster Sssnake
    • '81 Honda CM400C
    • Color: Black
    • '76 Kawasaki KZ900 (with KZ1000 engine)
    • Color: Orange/Brown
  • Doctor
    • '83 Suzuki GS650 (aka: Suzi)
    • Color: Burgundy
  • Toes
    • '74 Honda CB750
    • Color: Blue
  • Lloyd
    • ’82 Yamaha Maxim 750 (aka: Tron Bike)
    • Color: Black

Mudflaps (Backseat Riders)


Former Members

Former Mudflaps



Cap'n Weasel purchased his first motorcycle, an ’81 Honda CM400C, from Honda Village on Plainfield ave. in 2001. Having never ridden a bike in his life he rode it home and survived. Following his first successful trip he found a group of riders including TimbuckTuna and V Bones and began to learn the art of motorcycle riding and maintenance.

In 2003, Cap'n Weasel inherited a '76 Honda Goldwing 1000 (ferring included) from his father in Chicago that had been in a front end collision and was in need of repair. The bike had massive sentimental value, leading him towards the decision to sell his ’81 Honda CM400C to Missster Sssnake in order to fund the project.

By the end of summer 2003 [[[Cap'n Weasel]] finished fixing the Honda Goldwing (including removal of stupid ferring) and organized the first OSS excursion of 3 or more bikes.

OSS received their official name in the Summer of 2007 at a Gas Station in Baldwin, MI, when a fella in his late 50’s walked by the group of aging motorcycles and said “What is this? Some Old School Squad or Somethin’?”


  • August 2002
    • Destination: North West Michigan
    • Overnight Accommodations: Ford Lake – Fountain, MI.
    • Riders: Cap'n Weasel, V Bones
  • August 2007
    • Destination: Tunnel of Trees – Harbor Springs, MI. / Mackinac Bridge – St. Ignace, MI.
    • Overnight Accommodations: Ford Lake – Fountain, MI. / Random Lake Michigan Beach – St. Ignace, MI.
    • Riders: Cap'n Weasel, Missster Sssnake, Doctor, Toes, Hatchet, Lloyd