P2Pspot is a social site that enables the exchange of goods and services on campus. Peer-to-peer (or P2P) is widely known for virtual File sharing | Peer to Peer File Sharing, while P2Pspot's intention is to facilitate both virtual and physical interactions within configurable networks. The site has formed a culture in which expressions such as, "P2P it,” are commonly used by members.

History The original site, P2Ptextbooks, was a side project created in August of 2007 by a Grand Valley State University (GVSU) student. P2Ptextbooks made it easy for GVSU students to exchange textbooks on campus.

In 2008, the site changed to P2Pspot.

P2Pspot today P2Pspot now allow over 5,000 US colleges to list textbooks, housing, furniture, electronics, software, movies, vehicles, video games, jobs and more!

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