It seems that our daughter, Marsha, is in good company; Rabbi Gershon Winer from Toronto, also graduated from the Jewish Theological Seminary--3080 Broadway, New York City; Rabbi Winer was born in Poland-1922; his family moved to Canada when he was eight years old; he served as a congregational rabbi in the U.S for 14 years during which time he was at Ahavas Israel; my brother, Edward was fortunate to have been under his guidance; he insisted that my brother learn to read from the Torah, which does not have vowels, as when you read Hebrew; Rabbi Winer would call the Superintendent of the Grand Rapids Public Schools and tell him that he expected Jewish students to be in the synagogue during the holidays.  Rabbi Winer was dean and professor of Yiddish literature at the Jewish Teachers Seminary in New York for 10 years; in her eulogy, his daughter said her father had three main loves: a love of Eretz Yisrael and the Hebrew language, a love of the Jewish tradition, and a love of Yiddish and it culture.  I am sure that his daughter should have included the fourth love of his life, his wife Nechama; I would be remiss if I did not express my appreciation to Rabbi Winer who took the time to fly into Grand Rapids to officiate at my mother Celia Ginsberg Plafkin's funeral; the Plafkin family had strong ties to the synagogue and Rabbi Winer; the Plafkin family always thought that the synagogue was a place where families could come together and support one another in good times, and in times of crisis.  Roger Plafkin-Plafkin Brothers-Plafkin Farms, Ada, Michigan