In 1946, a new Rabbi came to town; this was not unusual considering the fact that most Rabbis in the Conservative movement only stayed in Grand Rapids long enough to build on their credentials, and then move on to greener pastures; this was Rabbi Herman Kieval who recently got out of the army serving in Korea-1945-46 as a Jewish Chaplin; he then went to Ahavas Israel Congregation-1946-1950; Rabbi Kieval obtained a Masters from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 1942; our daughter, Marsha, also holds a Masters from the Jewish Theological Seminary-3080 Broadway, New York, City.  When I think of Rabbi Kieval, I think of a 1946 brand new Ford which he purchased when he first came to this community; I also remember one Saturday night when I took pamphlets from Brandeis University into the Old Synagogue on Scribner; Rabbi Kieval was downstairs talking with Seymour Rapaport; they took a look at the pamphlets and remarked that my parents could not afford to send me to Waltham, Mass to attend Brandeis; however, years later when Plafkin Brothers and its Division The Grand Rapids Bolt and Nut started to prosper, we were able to send my brother Edward to Brandeis, and to the University of California for advance studies.   Roger Plafkin-Plafkin Brothers-Plafkin Farms, Ada, Michigan