Paucity is an intrumental indie rock band from Grand Rapids. They have one CD released by Friction Records


Some say the key to a good jazz artist is improvisation; the ability to come up with something off the cuff. And while I'm not dubbing this spacey, instrumental four-piece a "jazz band," there is something unique and fresh about Paucity. Each song has so many unique changes, it's a surprise that the band didn't just hit "record" and improvise with a diverse arrangement of Moog synthesizers, guitars and keyboards. Take the opener, "Lost and Found Dot Com," as it opens with a quiet keyboard melody that soon turns into a dark, buzzing synth-bass line, then returning to the tranquility it began with. While each song is intensely crafted, there's this looseness in the vibe that gives off a special cool only identifiable with jazz. ­ Nick Walker

Paucity makes instrumental music that is related to jazz fusion, as well as rock, soundscape, and soundtrack music. The music is warm and nice and evolves into more rockin' sections without becoming harsh or abstract. Paucity's sound revolves mainly around the keyboard work of Moah. AN UNTITLED ALBUM is a great "snowed in" or "pensive afternoon" disc. You can really wrap yourself up in what's going on on this 40-minute album. Some moviemaker in Hollywood is looking for AN UNTITLED ALBUM right now and doesn't even know it...yet. -H. Barry Zimmerman