Peregrine Falcons are birds of prey released in Grand Rapids in the late 1980s, as part of the Midwest Peregrine Falcon Restoration Project. According to the GRCC Peregrine Falcon Watch (GRCCPFW), none of those original birds established nests in Grand Rapids.


However, Peregrine Falcons have been sighted in the area from 2000. GRCCPFW reports that the first documented pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons in Grand Rapids downtown area did so in 2004.

Peregrine Falcon

GRCC Peregrine Falcon Watch

GRCC Peregrine Falcon Watch is a website that tracks sightings of Peregrine Falcons in the Grand Rapids area. It is run by the Student Science Society and the Physical and Biological Science Departments of Grand Rapids Community College

From the website:
Report any peregrine falcon activity in the Grand Rapids area to the email at the bottom of the page. Please be specific with the date, time and exact location where the birds were seen. We will need many more observations to figure out which nest site they choose this year.

We are interested in identifying the peregrines through their band colors, numbers and letters, if they have them. Important information also includes which leg the bands are on and the order of the information. For example, green 6 over black S will be a different bird than black S over green 6. Sometimes the letters or numbers are sideways and that should be noted too. Pictures of the falcons will also be gratefully accepted and acknowledged if permission is given to post them here.

Sighting locations

GRCCPFW lists tall buildings like the State Building, Immanual Lutheran Church, the Van Andel Institute, and McKay Tower as common Peregrine Falcon sighting locations.


It is sometimes believed that the birds were partially introduced to control area Pigeon populations.

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