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Census block 260810133001004


This space is situated south of Plaster Creek which runs at a diagonal creating an irregular edge. Most of the space is comprised of Kimble Park, a public park in the city of Wyoming. Kimble Park is right next to Marquette Park. Kimble Park has a baseball stadium and an odd asphalt race track;Kimble Park Velodrome. The track is banked and includes a pit area in the center. It is an irregular shaped oval track. The park is in the vicinity of very large gypsum mines. These mines are currently used for cold storage, but have also been the site of numerous entrepreneurial attempts to capitalize on the constant temperature and stable environment underground. The park is also near to Railroad yards which included at one time the [Pere Marquette Turn Table].

Shape Associations

  • bear head
  • pig snout
  • shoulder


Water Bodies

  • Plaster Creek
  • Grand River
  • Water Filtration Plant

Material Notes

  • gypsum and alabaster in the mines
  • piles of gravel at the terminal yards
  • asphalt of the velodrome
  • weathered wood supports for netting

Disrupted and Dead-end Streets

  • Nagel Avenue
  • Freeman Avenue
  • Ellen Avenue
  • Whiting Street
  • Terminal Drive
  • Hall Street
  • Rathbone Street
  • Plastico Avenue