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Census block 260810124003015


This space is made up of fairly standard suburban blocks of mostly brick homes. Plymouth Street defines the west edge and Hall Street the South. There is a slightly diagonal east-west line that bisects the shape. Many roads end at this line. Some of the line is now El Dorado Street. Other parts are driveways, alleys and dirt paths. Some of these run along a visible creek bed. At other points the creek disappears probably running underground.

Upon further research this east-west corridor is the right of way of a former Railroad, the Ramona Railroad Line that ran from the Kalmazoo and Fuller area near Boston Square where the line connected with another major rail line. An overview of the map shows visible vestiges of a path; Ramona Street near Kalamazoo Avenue, Hiawatha Rd near Plymouth, and then El Dorado in the area this article is about. The gentle grade and size and age of surrounding trees support this analysis.

The Ramona Railroad Line was a freight line that possibly ran to Reeds Lake and a nearby Lumber yard. The route to Reeds lake may have been used to haul ice that was extracted from the Lake in the Winter for refrigeration. At the south edge of the shape is another Land Use anomaly; an overflow reservoir in the shape of an oval.

Shape Associations

  • helmet (full face motorcycle type)
  • capital letters U, or C


Water Bodies

  • HIdden Creek
  • Overflow Reservoir

Material Notes

Disrupted and Dead-end Streets

  • El Dorado (right of way for El Dorado actually runs between San Lucia and Plymouth in what is now a wooded area. Appears the road was never completed- this is visible on the 1953 Sanborn map).
  • Foral
  • Darado Drive (may be an error on google maps - maybe El Dorado)
  • Santa Barbara Drive
  • Monterey Drive
  • San Lucia Drive
  • Hiawatha Rd
  • Santa Cruz Drive
  • Coronado Drive
  • San Juan Drive
  • Burchard Street