Retro D'luxe is the name given to what is commonly referred to as '80s Night. ' For three years, the same 80s Night has been occurring every Thursday at the Drink: Ultra Lounge (72 Monroe Ave. NW). Hosted by DJ Jef Leppard, Drink is packed with a collection of odd characters and hipsters, who all unite in one common bond during the mandatory play of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing.'

The name of 80s Night is a misnomer, as Jef frequently spins music from the 70s and 90s as well. Other common occurences include the breaking of PBR bottles on the dance floor, intoxicated and emotional hugs during the song 'Last Dance' and vigorous cigarette smoking.

It should be noted that any request for Def Leppard spins will not be honored.