(not tryin' to be a dick or anything)... It's spelled "Retro D'Luxe." The name was from DJ Jon Pape, who started the night with me July 2004. I was adamant about having it be a "retro night" rather than an 80s night because I didn't think G.R. needed another 80s night The one at Billie's seemed to have the situation well covered. I guess I was wrong. Even though I tried to mix up the music a lot early on, it turned out that most people showing up responded to and requested 80s music over anything else. I keep wondering at what point people will feel like they are sick to death of Journey but week after week there we are. Now that I have a baby to feed, I'm grateful for the continuing cash flow. If I'm still doing this when I'm like 50 though, somebody can go ahead and shoot me. If I don't play a request, it's usually because I forget or I don't have it but I have played the fuck out of Def Leppard. I'll play it tonight in fact.