Ribbons of Song is a contemporary folk-pop band based in Grand Rapids, MI. Purchase our new album, “Pocket Dream,” on iTunes and CD Baby.

The Ribbons are:

Ben Scott-Brandt: guitar, piano and singing

Sam Snedeker: upright bass

Joleen Rumsey: organ and singing

Chad Vickery: electric guitar and singing

Kaitlin D: singing and tambourine

Tim Broderick: drums and singing

Ribbons of Song is essentially an intuitive ambient/folk musician named Ben Scott-Brandt, but he often performs with friends as a larger ensemble. The current group is exploring folk-pop songs and sounds, combining strong lyrical imagery, a broad “choral” vocal approach, and a mostly-acoustic instrumentation. The Ribbons recorded a full-length studio album, “Pocket Dream,” in the summer of 2009 and it was released exclusively in mp3 and vinyl formats the following summer.

Ribbons of Song released its first full-length CDR, “Comb My Cowlicks Down,” on Don’t Be So Stubborn Tapes & Zines in January of 2007. This home-recorded album was followed by another home recording, an ambient vocal drone EP, “Hive Deity,” which came out on R.C. Legacy in early 2008. Both recordings were limited editions, and are now out of print. Scott-Brandt’s stated intention is to “make music that feels touchable and squirmy, focusing with child-binoculars on the cloud of hazy signifiers and feelings associated with nostalgia and memory.” Ribbons of Song has performed live versions of the songs throughout the Midwest United States and Canada.


  • Ben Scott-Brandt - guitar, piano, singing
  • Sam Snedeker - double bass
  • Joleen Rumsey - organ, singing
  • Chad Vickery - electric guitar, singing
  • Kaitlin D. - singing, tambourine
  • Tim Broderick - drums, singing
  • Josh Usadel - trombone



  • The Grand Rapids Press says, "Inventive, unusual and often sumptuous."
  • Revue Magazine says, "...very well-crafted, thoughtful, and beautiful."

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