Selam Store is a convenience store and Eritrean food restaurant located 654 Michigan St NE Grand Rapids, MI 49503 in the Midtown Neighborhood. Eritrean and Northern Ethiopian (like that found at Little Africa) are VERY similar, and by their nature are vegan when vegetarian.


Selam Store has been open with food for about seven years. 15 total as a kind of weird convenience/Eritrean food supply store. Selam Store's name is a derived from the Arabic word for Peace. It's logo depicts two hands clasped in a friendly handshake. It is owned and operated by Debesai Mogos and family.


There are two menus: one meat, one vegan. but there is really no point in reading or using them because they tend to only have a few things prepared per day. I have personally only ever eaten from the vegetarian menu:


The vegetarian menu has three daily items:

Alitcha - potatoes and carrots and such Birsen - Lentils Shiro - ground chickpeas Hot Tea - prepared with cardamom, clove, and cinnamon in Addis Tea. This stuff is amazing and typically offered free tea for first visits from "new faces."

Occasional extras

Sada (sp?) Birsen - White Lentils with garlic Spinach (can be very spicy!) "Cabbage and Carrrots"

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