Company Ready to Construct 'Co-op' Apartment House

According to an article in the 1924 June 15th Sunday Grand Rapids Herald, Sherwell Lodge was planned for construction at the northeast corner of Sherman and Wealthy Streets in East Grand Rapids. The plot boders Fisk lake. The plans were drawn up by architects Colton and Knecht who appear to be partners in the project and officers of the governing board. The project was documented as the first co-operative apartment house in Western Michigan.

The partners in the project also plan a "high class" subdivision on 16 acres adjacent to the Lodge. They researched similar projects and found that problems only arose when a mix of owner-tenants and rental tenants was part of the structure. The construction will use modern fireproof materials and will include garages and a central court. Both 6 and 7 room units are included in the design.

Arrangements include a permanent lease and restrictions from taking roomers, conducting business in the home, or selling without giving the corporation first option and/or approval of purchaser. The total cost of the project is $145,600 with 1/2 being carried as mortgage indebtedness.

Geographic coordinates are 42.953501°N, 85.620146°WLatitude: 42°57′12.604″N
Longitude: 85°37′12.526″W

source Grant Rapids Hereld Sunday Morning, June 15 1924