Spit fror Athena has released 3 CDs on Friction Records.

Much has been said about the genius of Spit For Athena¹s hardcore disguised as pop in their native Michigan since they started four years ago, and, love it or hate it, this record validates every word of it. The follow up to 2004¹s "Extermina" on Eyeball Records, "Piss is Perfect" is Spit For Athena¹s third full-length CD and a long-anticipated masterpiece that documents the band at its most quintessential. The first half of the disk, titled "Mergers," features 13 brand-new, two-minute, verse/chorus bursts by singer and guitarist Levi Bailey, bassist Melanie Cumming, and drummer Matt Budd. The tracks sizzle and scrape with giant hooks, deadly riffs and pounding rhythms amounting to what is easily the band¹s catchiest, if not darkest, material yet. Singer/songwriter Levi Bailey¹s stream-of-criticism seems more pointed and amusing than ever and his biggest target is himself ­ forcing the listener to look at his or her own perversions, ugly laziness and apathy. The second half of the album, "Acquisitions," features 10 more songs, including re-recorded versions of some of the bands best older songs and the original recordings for "Extermina", which some say sound better than the actual record. (It is basically two separate albums on one CD, which is one of Bailey¹s trademarks. His solo album (Clear Days Always) and the first Spit For Athena album were set up the same way.)