A statue of John Ball stands near the entrance of John Ball Zoo in John Ball Park. By Italian sculptor Pompeo L. Coppini from New York and dedicated in September 19, 1925, the bronze statue depicts a seated John Ball  with two of his great-grandchildren, Albert Ellis "Bobby" Ball (March 12, 1912–July 16, 1969) and Virginia Lee (Ball) Kniskern (March 8, 1917-March 20, 2003).


This statue is a favorite of zoo-goers, many of whom climb upon and have their photos taken with it.


  • I distinctly remember that during my childhood I thought that this was a statue of Mark Twain (perhaps because Ball's grandson looks a bit like Tom Sawyer) and climbed upon him every year when I came to the zoo.Buckshot 16:43, 28 June 2007 (EDT)