The Mighty Narwhale playing at Festival '07

The Mighty Narwhale is a seven-piece wall-of-sound, formed in 2005. Musically, they could be compared to Arcade Fire or ManMan in terms of their epic sound and quirky stylings. Their live shows are vivacious and full of audience participation. Several members of this group were instrumental in the formation of the short-lived Punching Bee Music collective.


  • Jon Pataky - Keyboard, Vocals
  • Collin Bailey - Accordion, Keyboard, Vocals
  • Kyle Colter - Trombone, Percussion, Vocals
  • Rei Robinson - Drums
  • Jef Mclimans - Bass Guitar
  • William Eberhardt - Guitar
  • Dustin Meyer - Violin

Former Members

  • Amanda Allieta - Accordion, Keyboard, Vocals
  • Irene Setchfield - Upright Bass

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